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The real estate market is on the upturn and agents are making strides while servicing buyers and sellers in the market place. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers has answered the call from our over 1,900 licensed agents for Business Coaching and Development.

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The Business Coaching Assessment Survey is designed to take basic information from you, the agent, and reconcile that information to form the foundation of where you are in your real estate production process.

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The DISC Assessment has 2 purposes, identity Behavioral Style Index and Motivation Value Index. There are obvious and latent skills and talents in each Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers real estate agent the DISC test can help measure your natural style. Business Development and Coaching Program will help you understand yourself and your clients by exposing you to “YOU”.

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The Micro Business Plan (MBP) was designed for two reasons. First, to get real estate professionals to map out a short and simple business plan for structuring their business in today’s fast pace world. Secondly, to determine what unique niche market you as an agent will focus your time and energy.

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The Floor to Ceiling model was created to take into consideration positions and income levels of employee compared to entrepreneur real estate agents. On the left side an employees’ positions at base level income range from $20,000 to $29,000. The base hourly rate starts above minimum wage averaging $9.62. This also is reflected as the entry level earnings for real estate agents.

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Plan at least an hour every day to make prospecting calls.

1.Choose the time of day when you are at your best.

2.Read your affirmations/get pumped up.

3.Stand up, allow yourself to be expressive when you are making calls.

4.Practice and go.

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Think of your database as your databank. You should be converting 10% of your database annually.

200 Names in your database X 10% = 20
Average Sales Price $200,000 X .03 = $6,000 X 70% = $4,200 Your Gross Commission Income
Your Gross Commission Income $4,200 X 20 = $84,000

Is that worth working your Database? Are you getting the maximum return from your database? Imagine what can happen when you grow your Database?

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In the wonderful world of real estate, there’s a unique and powerful strategy that real estate agents can maximize immediate new clients that could result in revenue, that strategy is door knocking. Going from residential property to residential property to explain to homeowners about the current economic climate in the real estate industry is a powerful lead generation tool.

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If you need to build a database Farming is a way to do it; however, farming requires some investment, results are not instant. You have to farm and cultivate before you can harvest. Expect it to take six months to one year of active marketing /farming before you see results.

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Become the Social Mayor of the area, act like a politician! Sponsor as much as you can and get involved here are some ideas:

1.Coloring Contest

2.Community Events

3.Interview Locals & Greet Neighbors

4.Build Relationships with the Leaders

5.Coach the Local Kid’s Sports

6.Get Involved in the Community

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The Micro Business Plan purpose is designed to take a look back at your last five transactions and determine where your business originated. Reverse tracking your last 5 closed transactions as a real estate agent will shed light on future possibilities that may be right under your nose. Do you find yourself asking where’s your next deal coming from? Then the Micro Business Plan (Exhibit A) will get you that answer.

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Selling or buying a home is very personal. People want to work with someone they trust. Trust is developed through relationship.
Marketing is the process of developing a relationship.

When planning your marketing stay in the mindset of building relationships. You want the recipient to trust you and provide valuable information that will build their confidence in you.

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The Morning Push is a systematic way of looking at your most immediate events allocated to your schedule. The model takes into account 3 targeted days – Yesterday, Today and the promise of Tomorrow. Truth be told, if a person can master the Morning Push, they can master their calendar and ultimately make a comfortable living as a real estate professional.

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The most powerful tool in productivity coaching is the Daily Planner Guide. Call it a schedule, calendar, planner or whatever you want, yet know that it is the foundation of your business success.

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Core Goal Keeping is a process of taking bad behaviors and replacing them with proven traits that will ensure your success as a real estate professional. In life, there are a multitude of successes and failures that can happen. The fact is known that when people don’t plan to succeed or win, then failure is inevitable.

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The 5 Alive Challenge is designed to get agents into production without reservations or excuses. The harsh reality is that after receipt of your real estate license all that is required is a 5 ALIVE challenge. Metro Broker have tools available for agent to maximize now and take charge of their life! Real estate may be new to some but success can be experienced by all who yield themselves to the 5 Alive challenge.

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Habits are the core of what we do. There are a series of good and bad habits and they vary from person to person. See habits are normally observed in copied from love ones, family or friends. People naturally try to duplicate others in these traits normally come with a price.

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Running in Circles is a model designed to help you focus on what’s really important and stop moving around in useless directions hoping to find results. The questions in the multiple boxed areas determines what fuels your daily business life. This activity takes a deeper look at what you do or don’t daily.

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The Business Behavior Assessment “1” is an activity and value base module that takes a real in-depth look at who you are and what are your strengths/weakness. Starting on the left column, list your 5 “personal” values that are most important to you. These are your core values that best describe your standards; they represent unmovable qualities about yourself.

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Johari Window is best described as the process of human interaction as identified by its creators, Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham. The Johari Window identifies the art of giving and receiving feedback. The attached Model reveals communication windows through which feedback is given and received through feedback and disclosure, you can reveal more about yourself to others and learn more about yourself from others; however, for this really to impact your life and business you must be HONEST!

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